Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Submit your Fullname(s), Surname, D.O.B together with your fide id and rating (if any) to ZCF Whatsapp here .

A2: Depends on the title. While in the professional community only GM/WGM and IM/WIM are considered to be "real" titles, there are also semi-professional ones like FM/WFM and amateur ones - CM/WCM. The top two titles are rather hard to achieve and require many years of persistent work, while the lower ones can be obtained relatively quickly.

A3: Tactics, tactics, tactics! Make sure you solve tactical problems on a daily basis. Also, it's better to solve 5 or 10 problems that are relatively difficult for you than a hundred cheapos which teach you nothing except for mouse-racing.

A4: It depends on the player. Some rely purely on logic and principles, others just *see* the moves.


• National Team - Select all the Zimbabwe National team Players and provide support for the national team representing Zimbabwe outside the country.

• Chess in Schools – ZCF to enhance grassroots chess and junior policy programs and Fostering a flawless talent management system in schools as well as Supporting disadvantaged schools with materials and capacity development to reach their full potential.

• ZCF official interactive platforms.

• Conclusion on the issue of financial statements of the previous committee.


• Having a physical office open during normal bussiness hours.

• Zimbabwe Chess Code of Conduct.

• Supporting the Chess League to grow and be FIDE rated.

• Train the trainer seminars and workshops.


• The Zimbabwe Chess team performed its all-time best at the recent World Chess Olympiad held in Georgia in October 2018, becoming the second-best Chess team on the African continent after Egypt.

• Zimbabwe has also won Gold and many other chess medals at the All Africa Games, ie Board 1 performance Gold Medal won in Maputo in 2011 and a Team Bronze Medal at the recent all Africa games in Morocco in 2019.

• Robert Gwaze- Won Gold Medal at the World Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia 2002, when he achieved a rare perfect score, winning all nine of his games on first board for Zimbabwe and was also the Africa Junior Chess Championship in 1998.

• Charles Kuwaza – (Former ZCF President) – Became the first Zimbabwean African Chess Champion in newly independent Zimbabwe, a title held for ten years before retirement.

• Rhodha Masiyazi - Has world record for delivering the quickest win at the World Chess Olympiad held in Chess Olympiad (Women) (2014), Tromso Norway.